Get the Time-of-Use forecasts for the grid connection point.

The Time-of-Use (ToU) optimization runs on a given resolution of 15 minutes.
For each time segment, i.e. [10:00, 10:15] it publishes a series of forecasts for
the grid connection point associated with a system with systemID.

This endpoint requires to specify a time window called interval for which the forecasts are returned.
For example [2021-01-01T02:07:14Z, 2021-01-02T02:07:14Z].
If no interval is provided it is assumed to be [00:00:00 today, 00:00:00 in two days].
The maximum size of this interval is 48h.

This endpoint returns the forecasts in the selected time window.
Please note that the forecasts might not cover the whole time window.
In this case the largest possible subset is returned.
If no forecast is available, an empty list is returned.

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