Retrieve the tariff end prices of a system

Retrieves the end-price tariff for the system in the specified resolution (15-minute by default if not specified).
The end-price is the price the customer is billed for (for market data tariffs for example after offset, VAT and provider fee are applied).

Depending on the tariff settings, the tariff data might have been directly posted through the API, originate from market data
or is extrapolated from static data.

If the resolution of the underlying data doesn't correspond to the requested resolution the data will be up- or down-sampled.
For example the market prices used by market data tariffs have a 1 hour resolution. If you request 15min resolution you will
get 4 equal periods per hour. If you request daily resolution, the average prices of 24 hourly periods will be returned per period.

If there are missing price periods over the requested interval (which may happen for EXTERNAL tariffs), the end-price tariff will start after the last period gap, aligned with the requested resolution.
That is, if the requested interval for a given day is from 00:00 to 12:00 and no prices were sent from at 02:15 to 03:45, the first period returned will be from 03:45 to 04:00 for a 15-min resolution or from 04:00 to 05:00 for an hourly resolution.

Once calculated the prices won't change anymore for the requested period.
Even if the tariff is reconfigured the returned price will stay the same.
This is due to the fact that historical prices can not be changed anymore.
Changes in the tariff will only have an effect in the future.

The returned currency is determined by the currency of the underlying tariff if not specified otherwise.

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